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Catchy Graphics
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Graphics created by Candice and Michy

sodelicatecandisodelicatecandi, 23 and beautiful. In spirit she is vibrant. Her laugh burgeons and her eyes invite. Driven by her passions, she loves freely and endlessly. She proffers a unique point of view to any exchange, siphoning provocative thought from untapped recesses. She desires to follow her dream of the stage, aspiring to emulate her heroes in the career path of acting. Creatively, she is strong and innovative. Her fandoms include Elliot/Olivia (SVU), Barney/Robin (HIMYM), Bette/Tina (The L Word), Lucas/Peyton (OTH), and Clint/Nora (OLTL). For her creative work, sodelicatecandi primarily uses Photoshop and ImageReady and has done so since 2007. Prior to that, Paint Shop Pro rendered her graphics. If you are interested in her work and pairings, feel free to make graphics requests.

michygearymichygeary is a big deal. Trust me.
She's intelligent, hilariously funny, awesomely creative and so compassionate that it's indescribable. She's an English major in her last year of college but you can be sure that she'll do amazing things with her future. She has a personality that's one of a kind; she's the type of girl that everyone should be friends with. I'm not just saying that, it's true. You'd agree if you knew her. She knows just when to make you laugh, when you need a shoulder to cry on or when to help you focus on what's important. She'll inspire you, count on it. She takes active part in fandoms for Castle, How I Met Your Mother, Simmons from Red Vs. Blue, Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Neil Patrick Harris and Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. Castle/Beckett (Castle), Barney/Robin (HIMYM), Ric/Alexis (General Hospital) and Bo/Gabrielle (One Life To Live) are her loves and One True Pairs. michygeary uses Paint Shop Pro and ImageReady and has been designing since 2004. She also takes custom requests for graphics.

Candice and Michy

Here you'll find the collective creative works of sodelicatecandi and michygeary. We will post our icons, banners, wallpapers, and other forms of fandom media. If you are interested in our work, please feel free to join the community and keep it on watch. If you'd like to affiliate with catchy_graphics, you may post requests here.

Affiliates: castle_vcontest, castle_fic, eyescubed, castle100, jonhuertasfan.